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MOVIE4 hours ago

‘Saved by the bell’ launches the trailer of its revival. This is how you will see Jessie, Zack and Slater 30 years later

It has been almost three decades since Bayside High School closed its doors and is now about to reopen to...

MOVIE6 hours ago

The premiere series of the week (10-16 August 2020)

The first series to premiere this week on Netflix that we should be aware of is The theft of the...

MOVIE8 hours ago

‘The paper house’: The images that reveal the secret of season 5 hidden in Copenhagen

The Professor’s band has successfully completed its mission in Copenhagen (Denmark). Several of the protagonists of the fifth and final...

MOVIE9 hours ago

Telecinco turns 30: this is how it has become the most successful network

That ‘everyone’s screen’ today is the most watched private screen and the one that has marked several generations. This is...

MOVIE10 hours ago

Selena Gomez, ready to reuse her comic vis in a series with two comedy heavyweights

In 2020 one does not expect to find a comedy with Steve Martin, Martin Short and … Selena Gomez. But,...

MOVIE10 hours ago

‘Who educates whom?’: The debate presented by Mamen Asencio that will accompany the series ‘HIT’

HIT, the series set in a conflictive educational center, is about to premiere in La 1 and with Daniel Grao...

MOVIE13 hours ago

Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas collide in ‘Asesinos’

Robert Rath (Sylvester Stallone), recruited to perform dangerous Cold War missions, has decided to quit that job. After being the...

MOVIE13 hours ago

‘Network, an implacable world’, with Faye Dunaway, in ‘Days of classic cinema’

An analysis of the power of television, which portrays a competitive world where success and audience records impose his dictatorship....

MOVIE15 hours ago

‘Big Eyes’, the story of Margaret Keane as told by Tim Burton

In the 1950s and 1960s, paintings depicting children with big eyes were very successful, both in terms of sales and...

MOVIE16 hours ago

Antena 3 premieres the eighth episode of the Turkish series ‘Mujer’

The internationally successful series Woman arrived on Spanish television last week from the hand of Antenna 3, which premieres this...