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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ does not plan to close the doors and could be issued until 2023



In Grey’s Anatomy Seattle hospital physicians are undergoing contract renewals. The series is preparing the episodes for the 2020-2021 season, which will be the 17 that are on the air, but it seems that Meredith Grey’s journey will not end here. According to Deadline, the American channel ABC and the producer Shondaland are negotiating to renew the series for two more seasons, which means that there will be operations and love affairs until 2023.

The situation is the following. Actress Ellen Pompeo, who has a deal valued at $ 20 million dollars a year as the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy and producer of the spin-off Station 19, has a contract until May 2021. Therefore, it is insured for season 17 that is underway if the coronavirus allows it.

Of course, Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd stay in the series for three more seasons (if the series finally renews until 2023).

Of course, Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd stay in the series for three more seasons (if the series finally renews until 2023). (ABC)

But the studio is renewing contracts with veteran series actors whose deals had expired and were not tied for the next episodes. The most interesting? That the agreement is not only for next season but that they are signing for three more seasons. There are plans for the future.

These lucky ones who have renewed contract are Kim Raver, Camilla Luddington and Kevin McKidd. Raver entered Grey’s Anatomy in the sixth season as Teddi Altman, Owen Hunt’s old friend in the military, and was a fixed character for three seasons. It reappeared sporadically in season 14 and was incorporated again as a fixture in season 15, currently having one of the hottest plots.

Camilla Luddington has become an integral member of Grey's Anatomy.

Camilla Luddington has become an integral member of Grey’s Anatomy. (ABC)

McKidd, of course, has also renewed. The actor who plays Owen Hunt has been on the payroll for the fifth season and is one of the pillars of the series. Finally, Luddington, who made an appearance in the ninth season and became fixed in the tenth as one of the members of the new generation of residents, is also signing for three seasons. Not bad, especially considering that Justin Chambers’ abrupt departure left his character, Jo Wilson, with his ass in the air.

It is estimated that all three have received significant salary increases at this point in the series, although the salary they will receive is unknown. for the next season and the hypothetical seasons 18 and 19 in case ABC and Shondaland finally reach an agreement. After the departure of Justin Chambers and the loss of the original members of the series (only Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr remain from the cast of the first season), they cannot afford to lose more doctors who are already perceived as veterans.

Richard Flood proves that Meredith likes a doctor with an accent.

Richard Flood proves that Meredith likes a doctor with an accent. (ABC)

The interest to ensure the continuity of Grey’s Anatomy, moreover, is real. As the same portal reports, Ellen Pompeo is already in talks to sign a new deal with ABC to make sure season 17 isn’t the last. The goal is for Pompeo to sign a new agreement for two more seasons, the 18 and 19, and so we can announce a double renewal and the emission of Grey’s Anatomy until 2023.

What’s new in season 17

With respect to season 17, there are also two signings that hint at where the shots of the next episodes will go. Richard Flood, who appeared in the last season as the Irish doctor Cormac Hayes, will move to occupy a fixed position in the hospital. This means that sexual tension and a good relationship with Meredith Gray is here to stay.

Anthony Hill will also join, who made a brief appearance in recent broadcast episodes as Dr. Winston Ndugu, an old acquaintance of Maggie Pierce. They met at a conference and spent some steamy hours in a hotel room realizing that maybe they should give themselves a chance. Dr. Ndugu, therefore, appears to have taken his precocious idyll very seriously by moving to Seattle.

Anthony Hill made his mark as Maggie's unexpected lover.

Anthony Hill made his mark as Maggie’s unexpected lover. (ABC)

Finally, Stefania Spampinato, known as Andrew DeLuca’s gynecologist and bisexual sister, steadily joins Station 19, the spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, after spending time on horseback of both series and without having a fixed contract with either of them. While in Grey’s Anatomy she was carrying Amelia’s pregnancy, in Station 19 He had a greater presence when starting a relationship with Maya Bishop, one of the firefighters.

Richard Flood and Anthony Hill are here to stay and possibly complicate the love and sex lives of the lead sisters