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Jacob Elordi: The star of ‘My first kiss’ defends that he has “Basque” and not “Spanish” ancestry



Sometimes the stars give you surprises and Jacob Elordi, who has become a star among young audiences after participating in productions such as My first kiss from
Netflix and HBO’s Euphoria, has given a curious anecdote. He disagrees with the information that comes out of himself on Wikipedia because he says that he is a descendant of Spanish when he defends that he is a descendant of Basques.

This fun comment can be seen in a video he made for GQ magazine where he entered anonymously on social networks like Reddit and Twitter to read what they say about him and also on the Wikipedia website. That’s where the following text is found: “Elordi was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on June 26, 1997 to John and Melissa Elordi. He has two sisters. He is a descendant of Spaniards ”.

He is clear: “This is not true.” “I am a descendant of Basques,” he explains.. And how do you define the Basque Country for those who are not familiar with the territory? “It is that small place between France and Spain,” he says with a description that does not seem to encompass the Basque Country within the kingdom of Spain. And, in fact, he ends his provenance with a comment: “My grandfather would strangle me if he knew that it says that I have Spanish ancestry”.

Jacob Elordi, who can also be seen correcting that he has three sisters instead of two, is at his best professional moment. At 23 he just released the sequel to My first kiss on Netflix, with a third part already filmed and ready to be released in 2021. It is the production that made him go from anonymity to being a teenage idol with millions of followers on Instagram (currently he has 9.1 million).