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‘The pact’ that changes Nicolas Cage’s life



Will Gerard (Nicolas cage) is a teacher happily married to Laura (January Jones), a music of great talent. They lead a pleasant and calm life, until a horrible night in which Laura is the victim of a brutal sexual assault.

As Will nervously waits in the hospital for an update on Laura’s condition, a well-dressed guy (Guy Pearce) turns to him and offers to do justice on the fly and save the couple the ordeal of having to go through an emotionally painful judicial process. When forced to have to make a decision in the moment, in his altered state of mind, he accepts the proposal, and finds himself in a clandestine justice organization, leading to increasingly frightening and dangerous consequences.

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Cage’s first time with Donaldson

The pact, directed by Roger Donaldson, is an action thriller that in the first few bars of the film manages to catch the viewer. This movie was one of four that Nicolas cage premiered in 2011, but the first time he had the opportunity to work under the Australian director.

The feature film did not bring very good reviews to Nicolas cage, since for this leading role he was nominated for Razzie in the Worst Actor category, a dubious honor award he won that year Adam Sandler by character in Father riot (2012).

Seeking Justice. EE.UU., 2011. Acción. 104 min. Dir.: Roger Donaldson. Int.: Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Harold Perrineau, Xander Berkeley, Irone Singleton, Jason Davis.

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