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Omar Montes and Yolanda Ramos, among the new guests of ‘Typical Spanish’



This Monday in Typical Spanish, Florentino Fernández It will have a very varied but competitive lineup: the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the singer Omar Montes and the humorist David Fernandez they will form the red team. The blue team will not be left behind and Vicky Martín Berrocal will be accompanied by actresses Yolanda Ramos and Luisa Gavasa and the comedian JJ Vaquero.

The night will start in the best possible way, with the music band playing one of the great songs of Camilo Sesto: Living like this is dying of love. The team duel will begin with I saw it on TV, where thanks to the extensive Archive of RTVE will recover moments of Triumph operation and from a mythical series like Corruption in Miami, among others.

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And from seeing everything on TV they will see nothing with the opaque glasses of the Letter holder. The guests will have to guess by the touch that letters have in their hands and form a word to be able to add the points at stake. After going through Guess the music, celebrities will face Yes, well, hum, the game where they must improvise answers without repeating them, without hesitation and without saying yes or no.

With the virtual audience cheering from their homes, celebrities will enjoy the poisoned Gift that will be launched Frank Blanco at a peculiar birthday party. Luisa Gavasa You will have the honor of picking up the surprise package for the first time, and you will not be able to pass it on to the next partner until you correctly answer a general Spanish culture question. After the explosive celebration, both teams will also be challenged with games like Great Successes The The return to Spain.

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How to play

Among others, the guests will undergo the following challenges:

I saw it on TV: Frank Blanco dives into the archives of TVE in search of the most iconic moments on our TV. Each team will ask a series of questions about programs, series and historical moments.

The return to Spain: As a hieroglyph, photographs are projected that represent the name of a town in Spain. The member of any of the two teams that guess right, places on a map the exact place where the municipality is located.

Letter holders: The stewardesses distribute 4 giant letters among the members of a team. With their eyes covered, in order not to see the letters, participants must identify them (by touch) and form a word with all the pieces.

Poisoned Gift: Frank Blanco prepares a birthday party for one of the guests and gives him a surprise gift. Then he asks a general culture question and, if he answers correctly, passes the packet to the contestant on the left. If it fails, you must answer more questions until you are correct.

typical spanish


Guess the music: The band performs the melody of a song, without lyrics. Teams must match exact title and interpreter. The band then plays and sings the song live.

Big hits: The presenter reads phrases that are part of the lyrics of a well-known song. With the least amount of clues possible, you have to match the title and the interpreter.

Give it a spin: After accumulating points throughout the night, teams can win or lose everything in this final game. Each team must answer a question whose answer is a number or a percentage. Whoever succeeds or gets closer, has the right to pull the roulette wheel and score points … or lose everything. In one of the rounds comes into play the Chicho award, in honor of the creator of the program One two Three….

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