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‘Ispansi (Spanish!)’, By Carlos Iglesias, in ‘Spanish version’



Shortly after the start of the Spanish Civil War, the Republic sent 3,000 children to the Soviet Union to protect them from Franco’s bombardment. The first to leave were the children from the orphanages. The daughter of a wealthy right-wing family, who had the misfortune to become pregnant by a man who refused to marry her, becomes a victim of her own ideology, and has to hide her child in an orphanage in Madrid. Upon learning of her son’s impending trip to Russia, she steals the identity of a dead Republican to volunteer as a caregiver for children, and thus embarks on a terrible journey with her son surrounded by her natural enemies thousands of kilometers from your country and its people.

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A history of war

Carlos Iglesias premiered as a director with One franc, 14 pesetas (2006), a film that garnered very good opinions from critics. Before the sequel to his feature debut, titled 2 francs, 40 pesetas (2014), the actor who gave life to Benito in the famous television series Let’s do it led to the big screen Ispansi (Spanish!). In his second feature film as a director, as he did in the first, he was also in charge of writing the script.

The distribution of this story based on real events, where Carlos Iglesias also participated, interpreting one of the leading roles, was led by Esther Regina, who had participated in One franc, 14 pesetas with a testimonial role.

Esp., 2011. Dir .: Carlos Iglesias. Int .: Esther Regina, Carlos Iglesias, Isabelle Stoffel, Eloisa Vargas, Mario Ayuso, Isabel Blanco.

'ispansi ¡español' 2011, with carlos Iglesias

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