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Netflix reveals which of its films are blockbusters and one of them is Spanish



In Netflix from time to time they release a few facts about the consumption of their content: what if the film Extraction With Chris Hemsworth, he had had such acceptance that if The Paper House swept the world, that if Elite was a youth phenomenon … But, getting a little out of the established, he has finally published a list with the ten most popular movies they have had to date and one of them is Spanish: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s hole.

The film shows a dystopia where society lives in a very tall building. Two people per level and an unknown number of levels. All of them feed on the food that is on a platform: those from above choose what they want and those from below must keep the remains.

The most viewed movie is 'Extraction' with 99 million views.

The most viewed movie is ‘Extraction’ with 99 million views. (Netflix)

And, thinking of such a daunting future and with such sharp social criticism, Netflix users around the world became obsessed with The hole during confinement. In total, 56 million accounts benefited from the fact that Netflix kept the international rights to the film by the Basque director., which in Spain and the Asian market did open in theaters (and in South Korea it was one of the first post-confinement successes).

Of course, if we talk about the most viewed, Extraction with Elsa Pataki’s husband It is the platform’s biggest success with 99 million contacts. The film about a mercenary who accepts his most complicated mission therefore becomes a prime opera hit for Sam Hargrave, who had previously worked as an action specialist and right-hand man for the Russo brothers (The Avengers: Endgame), one of which, Joe Russo, also signs the script.

Sandra Bullock remains in second position with 'Bird Box'.

Sandra Bullock remains in second position with ‘Bird Box’. (Saeed Adyani / Saeed Adyani / Netflix)

In second position we find the film that reigned in memes on social networks: Bird Box (A Ciegas), Susanne Bier’s horror movie with Sandra Bullock. 89 million accounts were interested in the movie that had a budget of 19 million dollars, which is laughable for the success it had on Netflix.

The podium completes it (against all odds) Spenser confidential Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, released this March and which attracted 85 million accounts. In fourth position is 6 Underground at 83 million, the Ryan Reynolds action movie also released in December and Michael Bay. With a budget of 150 million dollars, it had better have caught the attention of users.

'Criminals at Sea' is the first non-action or horror film on the list.

‘Criminals at Sea’ is the first non-action or horror film on the list. (Scott Yamano / Scott Yamano / NETFLIX)

It’s easy to draw the conclusion that, when it comes to Netflix clients, the best-working propositions are those that contain action and tension, way ahead of the teenage romantic movies (which we have seen all of them) that appear so often in the catalog and that, however, only one of them has entered the list and in last position. Being a hit with the teen niche, it seems, is not enough to get into.

Until the fifth position this logic is not abandoned: Criminals at sea Jennifer Aniston’s and Adam Sandler’s 73 million views. They are almost ten million more than the Irish (64 million), Netflix’s big bet for the Oscars and that, to have cost 250 million and not have taken any statuette, perhaps it would be necessary to consider whether he made the figures Netflix expected.

The Irishman settles for sixth position

The Irishman settles for sixth position (Netflix)

In the last positions are the following films: Triple Frontier (63 million), a movie with a high cast that featured Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal; surprised to find the sitcom The other missy (59 million) where Lauren Lapkus unleashes her comic vision; The hole, as already mentioned; and finally a teen romantic comedy, The perfect date, with the quintessential Netflix heartthrob Noah Centineo.

Netflix’s goal? Let there be successful movies every two weeks. For the record, however, these data provided by the company itself and published by Bloomberg have their ‘buts’: if you follow the usual metric of Netflix, no one can guarantee that all these millions of viewings behave whole viewings of the films. When the company reports viewings, today they mean accounts that put a title on and watch the first two minutes.

The perfect date, the only romantic tape on the list.

The perfect date, the only romantic tape on the list. (Netflix)