Smartphone Awards 2020 best of smartphones in 2020

Smartphone Awards 2020
Smartphone Awards 2020

Welcome to the program, so 2020 was a really interesting year for smartphones in many ways, I think it’s very easy to forget it, so we have a lot of smartphones almost desks in front of me, as is tradition everything that came for about 2020 and some of these are going to win some prizes today, so for those of you who are new here and there are many of you in the way this works, Smartphone Awards 2020.

we have a lot of categories and each category will get a general winner that has a trophy associated with it and if there is a worthy one will have a second place and possibly some honourable mentions, so without further ado,

we will get so the first prize of the night is for the best big phone now, almost all the phones on this desk are probably bigger than all the phones from the desk the way it would look five years ago, but this award is for the one that makes the best use of that extra space that has the best big phone features and I have a certain favourite in mind: the best big phone for 2020 is Smartphone Awards 2020.

that’s the iPhone 11 Pro really the only one difference between the iPhone 11 Pro and the 11 Pro max, the largest version is a smaller battery, a smaller screen, everything else, the same cameras, the same specifications, the same software, all the same features, all this On the iPhone, this is a legitimate flagship in a smaller size and a lower price than the largest phone, so in a world war, most phones these days are much larger than any of their previous and brothers if we got some good ones, but yes, the overall winner of the compact smartphone of the year for 2020 is a Samsung galaxy s 10 II well, the next prize category is the best smartphone camera and this is probably my favourite category, I’m probably a little

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