Rahu Kaal Vs Nimbahera timing in Nimbahera

Rahu Kaal Vs Nimbahera timing in Nimbahera

Rahu Kalam Vs Rahu Samay

Rahu Kalam Today or Rahu Kaal Today, will provide the exact Rahu Kaal schedules every day. According to Hindu Vedic astrology, it is important to check shubh muhurat, also known as Nalla Neram in southern India and Raku Kaal, also known as Rahu Kalam or Yamagandam in southern India, before planning something auspicious.

Introduction Of Rahu Kalam

Do you know what Rahu Kaal is? In simple language, it is a duration of time that occurs every day, which is considered unfavourable according to Vedic Astrology. Rahu rules this period. No important activity should be performed during this period. If you start in Rahu Kalam, it is said, any action does not give positive results. The activities that have already started are not affected by this period ruled by Rahu.

Rahu Kaal timing in Nimbahera

Rahu Kaal is considered the most unfavourable period of the day. As the name implies, every day there is a small period of approx. an hour and a half that is said to be ruled by Rahu and, therefore, considered bad for any important work or new initiative. According to some beliefs, the work initiated in the Rahu Kaal period does not give good results and indicates only a failure. The use of Rahu Kaal is more popular in the southern part of India.

In general, people use rough calculations for Rahu Kaal taking 6:00 a.m. like the dawn, although the correct way is to calculate Rahu Kaal from dawn and, therefore, changes slightly every day. Rahu Kaal also changes for each city, since dawn differs from one city to another. Our Rahu Kaal below is the exact Rahu Kaal calculated for your city.

13 February 2020, Thursday13:58:4715:22:15
14 February 2020, Friday11:11:3812:35:18
15 February 2020, Saturday09:47:3311:11:24
16 February 2020, Sunday16:47:2218:11:25
17 February 2020, Monday08:22:2409:46:39
18 February 2020, Tuesday15:23:5916:48:26
19 February 2020, Wednesday12:35:0013:59:39
20 February 2020, Thursday13:59:4515:24:36

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